Welcome to the website of AZ Benelux Special Valves B.V., a subsidiary of AZ Armaturen GmbH from Mönchweiler Germany.

AZ Armaturen GmbH is manufacturer of non-lubricated Plug valves, Lined valves (as Plug valve and Lined Filters), sampling systems, Cross-over combinations and other associated equipment. 

Within certain restrictions in the design of our AZ (plug) valves, these can be modified to meet clients specifications.

In our modern workshop in Lisse (NL), the AZ valves can be usually repaired within a few days.

AZ plug valve

Cavity design 1 - AZ

AZ plug valves have an Cavity free design, with self-lubricated PTFE sleeve, multiple sealings to atmosphere and can be adjusted.

Cavity free design

Cavity design 2 - AZ

AZ plug valves are Cavity free design,
by use of an conical plug which is completely surrounded in the PTFE sleeve.


AZ adjustable

AZ plug valves are adjustable in-line
during operation. By adjustment of the plug 
and sealings leakages can be stopped in most cases, which result in a longer operation time
of the valve. 


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